Social Responsibility

As an Indigenous owned and operated company, we take immense pride in fulfilling the mandates put forth by our ownership and executive team to achieve mutually beneficial relationships with the people and communities we live and work in. We believe that no matter where we are operating across the country, we have a responsibility to listen and understand the cultures and history of Indigenous Peoples.

Workforce inclusion and development of Indigenous Peoples is paramount, and we are proud to realize industry leading workforce composition and retention of Indigenous employees. Our Indigenous opportunities committee is continually launching new initiatives and ensuring our personnel are listening and understanding the responsibility we all have as Canadians to Indigenous Peoples across the land.

Centerfire Energy Group has been fortunate enough to become one of the leading contractor contributors in the Wood Buffalo Region, both monetary and in-kind to First Nation community trusts, recreation facilities, park construction, scholarship award programs, housing initiatives, cultural training opportunities and much more.

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